Why You Need Website?

Interesting finally you want to know that why you (Your Business) need Website

1. What if Someone Advertise 24X7 in Whole World.

How many offices you can open (I mean afford)?, how many shops you can open? ho many branches you can open?, there are limitation because you are not bill gates, the Biggest reason of having website is, Website can access anywhere in world anytime. anybody can visit your shop (website) anytime anywhere.

2. How many Brochure you can Send?

if you want to sell products, people are asking about your products catalogs (brochure), you only send catalog or brochure to limited number of people located specific places because of courier expanse, Website is a alternate way to use your online catalog brochure.

3 It is not Costly

Publishing website on worldwide web is a cost effective platform of marketing for your business, You will get your website in your budget, if you spend more money you will get well functionality and creative website. its is affordable.


What is Website Hosting?

Shortly Website Hosting Location of Your Website`s Data on Net. Your Web site Host is the Physical location of your Web site. It’s where the data associated with your Web site resides.

Web Hosting is Necessary for Web Developing?

Yes, Website Hosting is a necessary for any Web site – it’s literally the platform that holds the content for your Web site. It allows your Web site to be seen and used.

Cost Of Web Hosting

Website Hosting Cost is Including in Our Website Developing Package, If you Need More Space for Host you must pay Extra. Shayona.biz offers Industry-leading, feature-rich Web hosting packages – exceptional value, 99.9% uptime.

What is Website?

If you Don`t Know What is website, You are not reading my blog here, but if you really want to know that what is website, i will give you some basic information.

Basically a website is a collection of web pages published on World Wide Web (WWW). Web page is collection of text, images, multimedia and other thing,

There are many purpose of publishing website mainly to access web page from anywhere in world.

For making or publishing Website mainly you need following three thing

1. Domain Name

2. Hosting

3.  Website Design

What is Domain name?

What Is Domain Name?

Shortly Domain Name is a Name Of Your Website. A Domain Name is just your address on the Internet. It’s where people can find you, and it serves as your online Identity.

Choosing your Domain

Corporate Company or Small Industries Typically Register Domain names with their company name and sometimes also Register Their product names. Domain name is unique in world.

Check Availability Of Domain Name

Click Link For Check Availability or Resister a Domain Name Of your choice Check Availability.