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Custom Web Design Vs. Website Template


As a business owner you are always looking how to save money and make your business profitable. The more professional looking your business appears, the more creditable it looks.

One of the most argued topics is “Should I Choose a Custom Website Design, or Use a Template?” One reason this question is so difficult to answer:

In this article will let you know the difference between custom web design and website template:

Custom Web Design

The simple meaning of the custom website design is to create a website which is based on the requirement of a particular business or client.

Choosing custom design automatically means that you are ready and willing to spend a lot of time, money and efforts.


  1. Unique Design: A custom web design is created just for your business or organization, incorporating your company’s branding.

Website Template

Website templates are pre-built websites. Templates have all necessary design elements, slideshow and text formating options.

Choosing website template means you need to speed up the website building process and want to save your time and efforts.


  1. Multiple availability: choice are available, means unlimited design option
  2. Cost effective: it is less expensive
  3. Speedy process: it is fast to implement, Development time may be shorter…

Website is the first and lasting impression of a business and/or organization, so when creating an image you do not want to look like everyone else. It is important to know your business needs and goals and having a web presence will help you to achieve those.